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Behind the Meter

Behind the Meter

Energy Storage consultancy

Energy Storage Services

Enhar consultants assist Councils and businesses to plan and implement renewable generation with energy storage.

Technology and Market Review

To demystify the rapidly evolving energy storage market, Enhar provides

  • Battery technology comparison, score cards and league tables
  • Price and market analysis and forecasts for battery costs in Australia

Feasibility Assessments

To confirm whether battery storage is a viable investment for your organisation, we provide:

  • Analysis of your load profile, electricity tariffs, renewable generation and storage flows
  • Financial modelling of the benefits of battery storage including time-shift of solar PV generation, ‘arbitrage’ use of off peak to charge batteries, demand charge reduction
  • Investigation of earnings from spot market trading using software and smart controls, and payments from network companies for capacity benefits

Site Identification and Evaluation

We assess solar PV generation potential coupled with battery storage, to examine how close to ‘off grid’ your site can go and what the capital costs are.

We determine the optimum battery-to-solar ratio for your site tariffs and demand profile.

Battery storage location and housing considerations for project planning.

Produce technical specifications for procurement of battery projects including compatibility of solar PV with battery systems, ‘future-proofing’ your solar PV array.

Government Grant analysis

Government aims include support for energy storage. We seek out and obtain State and Federal grants where available for our clients.

Contact us with your questions and storage goals, and we'll put our expertise and knowledge to work to help you out.

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