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Enhar assists business, schools, utilities and government organisations reduce energy consumption and costs. We provide detailed energy audits, including level 1 and level 2 energy audits, energy monitoring and targeting and help unlock governments grants available for sustainability and energy efficiency.

Enhar is a Melbourne based firm specialising in providing Energy Audits and Energy Management Plans and Reports for organisations in Victoria and throughout Australia. Our services are tailored for commercial, industrial and educational premises.

Our services are designed to support client organisations who are committed to reducing running costs and improving productivity and work environments. Energy efficiency achieves these goals while also delivering environmental benefits.

Our team has extensive experience of working with businesses to implement energy efficiency, through energy audits, grant scheme applications and verification of energy savings.

Our experience is in assisting organisations to improve energy efficiency through changes to hardware, software and behaviour. We have worked with educational institutions, manufacturers and local government to identify energy saving opportunities, create business cases for upgrades and improvements, and measure the savings.

We therefore understand the success factors for effective energy efficiency projects to make them meaningful to real organisations facing real pressures. We understand the commercial context in which Australian organisations make their energy and productivity-related decisions.

Enhar supports businesses to achieve their energy management goals through a number of services, including:

Energy auditing

Enhar have extensive experience in conducting Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 energy audits for various organisations, assisting business and schools reduce energy consumption. An energy audit will identify how much energy your site uses, where it is used and where there are opportunities to reduce your energy use. 'Energy' includes gas, diesel and electricity usage. Learn more...

Energy audits for manufacturers

We specialise in level 2 energy audits for the manufacturing sector and work closely to achieve energy saving goals. The manufacturing sector can achieve significant results adopting low cost implementation measures and management. Learn more...

Energy audits for educational buildings

Enhar can undertake energy audits especially designed for Primary and Secondary Schools. We are a Melbourne based company specialising in providing these energy services to Schools in Victoria, Australia. Our audits can help your School reduce its energy use, thereby becoming more sustainable, as well as significantly reducing the cost of your electricity and gas bills. Energy audits can also help inform the broader Energy Management Plans and Environmental Sustainability Plans, which will include waste and water management for your school. Learn more...

Energy Monitoring

Enhar install, monitor and analyse energy monitoring equipment on specific items of plant. Monitoring provides detailed energy consumption data of specific items of plant over various time frames to establish consumption baselines or assess energy reduction success. Learn more...

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