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Behind the Meter

Behind the Meter

Solar Thermal Services

Solar Thermal Services

Feasibility Assessments

An independent solar hot water feasibility assessment from Enhar:

  • Determines the outputs of various sized solar thermal arrays based on the solar resource, site constraints and solar panels technical properties.
  • Recommends appropriate locations for mounting of solar arrays (roof and/or ground mounting).
  • Compares outputs of various systems including multiple orientations and tilt angle.
  • Assesses local shading issues and site constraints.
  • Includes a detailed financial analysis.

Drawings and Visualisation

We conduct sketches and drawings of the solar thermal systems. A visual representation of the system location can also be conducted with respect to surrounding buildings and infrastructure.

Detailed Design

Through strategic partnerships, we can organise detailed structural design of mounting structures and detailed electrical design for solar systems.

If you are ready to experience the benefits of solar how water at your business site, contact us  to begin your consultation.

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