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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Energy Management Plans

Commercial and Industrial

For an overall management approach, Enhar Blue can complete an Energy Management Plan or an Environmental Management Plan looking at energy, waste, water and transport.

Energy Management Plans (EMPs) aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, energy costs and energy consumption, thereby enhancing sustainability. They also improve business productivity and operational efficiency (more so when integrated with waste and water through Environmental Sustainability Plans).

Through Energy Management Plans, Enhar Blue can assist your organisation to:

  • Establish current environmental and management legislation, regulations and practices for the site
  • Identify energy saving opportunities through an energy audit, provide a detailed analysis of where, when and how energy is used
  • Establish energy use monitoring and reporting systems, including locating or installing meters to establish energy baseline and monitor changes
  • Prepare a detailed action plan based on audit findings and budgets
  • Implement action to achieve performance targets, objectives and benchmarks
  • Engage staff and contractors to improve productivity through improving working environments
  • Predict and achieve savings in energy consumption, GHG emissions and costs
  • Undertake annual reviews to evaluate and assess the success of the EMP, making updates if necessary

See our Capability Statement (pdf).

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