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Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities

Current Grant Funding Opportunities

A brief summary of federal and state government opportunities are provided below. In addition please review our news page where we will provide constant updates on the availability of government grants.

Energy monitoring and baseline: up to $25,000 per project - Closing date 26 July 2018

DELWP is providing up to $25,000 per project to cover up to 100% of the cost of undertaking baseline monitoring for energy efficiency projects. This is to support the new project based methodology for creating VEECs. Contact us to create your proposal to obtain high quality permanent energy monitoring in your commercial or public faclity. Applications close at the end of July. Our last date for taking new applications is 15 July.

Energy Audits in Victoria - ongoing 50% rebate towards cost of assessment

Business owners in Victoria can benefit from a 50% grant towards the cost of an energy audit assessment at their premises. Sustainabiltiy Victoria has expanded the program to businesses of any size and increased the cap to $15,000 and the $3,000 implementation bonus is still available. Large and small businesses can obtain meaningful assistance towards large energy audits. Enhar provides Type 1 and Type 2 energy audits for commercial, industrial and educational facilities throughout Victoria, along with energy monitoring intelligence. Contact us to get your energy saving audit process started.

Gas efficiency for in Victoria - up to $50k rebate for improvements

Grants are available for rapid improvements to gas efficiency to mitigate gas price rises. Manufacturing businesses will be able to obtain grants from Sustainability Victoria towards gas efficiency, leak detection and repair, metering and capital funding such as boiler replacement up to 50% on 1:1 basis. It can also cover project management and maintenance e.g. fixing steam leaks, upgrade insulation, change piping etc, is all covered. Anticipated to be launched. Will be available for businesses which have an energy assessment and can identify major gas efficiency improvements. The goal is to reduce gas GJ usage, can include fuel switching as long as the switch doesn't increase environmental.

Environmental Upgrade Agreements - ongoing

The Sustainable Melbourne Fund manages Environmental Upgrade Agreements which enable tenants and landlords to benefit from solar Photovoltaic and efficient lighting/HVAC/controls/insulation etc in buildings in the City of Melbourne area. The up front cost of the whole project is met by a long term loan through the EUA and is repaid via the property rates. This program can unlock significant benefits which tenants would otherwise not be able to realise, and can help owner occupiers to fund solar and efficiency projects.

Councils which are now open for EUA applications include:

  • Melbourne
  • Bendigo
  • Wyndham
  • Shepparton
  • Geelong
  • Hobsons Bay
  • Maribyrnong

Enhar provides Level 2 Energy Audits and Solar feasibility reports which are a good qualification to support environmental upgrade agreements. Enhar can also assist with the application processes. Contact us to find out more.

New South Wales Energy Saver - 50% rebates towards Energy Audit and Technical Support costs, ongoing

Enhar is an approved energy efficiency consultant on this scheme. Read our NSW energy audit capability statement here. Find out how the scheme works for your busines here. Compies within New South Wales can enjoy affordable, expert, targetted advice from Enhar on how to reduce energy costs, benefit from solar PV and how to fund the measures. You benefit from Enhar expertise plus the support of the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage. Contact us to learn more.

VEET scheme for commercial and industrial energy efficiency

Project based methodologies for the Victorian Energy Saver Scheme will arrive in 2018. Products and projects can therefore expect to benefit from VEEC creation, improving the business case for energy efficiency projects.

Future Proofing Geelong - 50% rebates towards Energy Audit costs, open now

Enhar is now listed on the ‘Geelong Energy Efficiency Service Providers List’. This is the suppliers list for Level 2 Energy Audits published by Future Proofing Geelong, meaning businesses in the Greater Geelong area can apply for up to 50% funding towards the cost of a Level 2 Energy Audit from Enhar. This listing builds on our track record of local work, for example a Level 2 energy audit and wind turbine feasibility study we previously completed for Geelong Galvanising.

Our audits can also include solar feasibility analysis for businesses who may have suitable roof space for solar photovoltaic panels, or wind turbine feasibility for customers who have a good wind resource. Schools are eligible for this funding as well as small and large businesses. Contact us to get the ball rolling.

New Energy Technology Fund, $20M - third and final round closed

The Victorian Government created the Future Industries Fund, including $20M for New Energy Technology. The fund stimulates employment and projects in renewable energy throughout Victoria.

Enhar assisted numerous clients access this funding, including a successful approval of a $850,000 grant towards a Victorian pilot solar battery technology roll out.

Read more of our analysis about this exciting scheme here or call one of our expert energy grant advisors.

Closed funding rounds

We have assisted clients with several past grant programs - click here to view closed grant programs.

Our Energy Audits are a key part of building a compelling case for funding energy efficiency projects. Our energy audits provide assurance both for the client company and also the government assessors that the project will achieve worthwhile energy savings.

When it comes to grant-related projects in the sustainable energy space, our team have mastered the complexities of the grant application process and understand the criteria extremely well. We offer a grant-compatible audit service which we believe will get some of the most interesting energy savings projects up and running.

Please contact us to discuss and unlock funding for renewable energy or energy saving initiative.

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