Enhar-installed Lidar confirming wind resource

25 Aug

Enhar recently installed a latest technology laser wind monitoring system in Western Australia.  It is an accurate, quick to install, easy to re-use wind monitoring system which measures wind profile up to 200m above ground level.

The new era of wind measurement for large scale wind turbine projects includes Lidar (laser) and Sodar (accoustic) technologies.  These send signals upwards from ground level and process the returned signals into accurate wind speed and direction data.

Verification reports by independent experts have confirmed that these instruments are as accurate as masts with class 1 anemometers.

This installation by Enhar used the Spidar system made by Pentalum.

Our costs for a full supply, installation and data capture service are significantly lower than traditional lattice tower mast installations. There are lots of other benefits including quicker installation timeframe, no planning permits required, no need for air traffic warning lighting, and their discrete size means the local community doesn’t face a visual issue with the installation.

Download our Enhar Capability Statement – Lidar wind monitoring here.

Enhar now offers Lidar and Sodar installations throughout Australia. Contact us for a no obligation initial consultation.