Enhar Speaks About Standalone Hybrid Systems At The Wastewater Expo

Oct 20, 2019
Enhar Speaks About Standalone Hybrid Systems At The Wastewater Expo
  • Enhar Engineer, Rana Mitra will be giving some insights on hybrid power systems and storage for fuelling remote water pumping sites at the Waste Expo on Wednesday 24th October.
  • Solar power has become one of the most competitive forms of power generation available.
  • For metered, grid connected systems the economics of solar stack up especially well for large energy consumers like waste water authorities.
  • Grid connected battery storage allows us to increase the solar power ‘penetration’ (solar generation as % of total energy usage), and provide blackout protection, but the economics of storage is still challenging for grid connected systems.
  • In remote environments or where the grid is not available or not reliable,  using solar and battery storage in concert with existing power supplies (generator and/or electricity grid) is relatively well understood and can be economic and improve reliability if projects are well thought out and scoped.
  • In this presentation, Rana will investigate some of these problems, risks, opportunities and how to in more detail and present some modelling and case studies we have done in this area.

  • Rana has designed several solar battery hybrid systems for remote water treatment sites. Enhar clients include East Gippsland Water, Barwon Water and GWM water.
  • Rana is an expert in standalone hybrid solar systems and works on developing standalone hybrid systems for remote areas in Australia.
  • He is currently managing the detailed design and specifications for 10 standalone and diesel hybrid power system design for a telecom towers out across remote Australia and 6 remote sites in Arnhem land.
  • If you're interested in the feasibility of off-grid hybrid systems, make sure you don't miss this talk!
  • When: Wednesday 24th October - 12.30pm-1.00pm
  • Where: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Wastewater Stage
  • Click here for more Information about the presentation and to register.