Enhar’s Solar PV Asset Management – The A team out and about

Nov 10, 2020
Enhar’s Solar PV Asset Management – The A team out and about

Our solar asset management team of CEC electrician David Kincaid and Director Trevor Ackland (the A-team!)  has been out and about completing solar maintenance visits for a long term local council client.  Dave provides all the expertise and Trev is on lackey/spot cleaning duties!

Enhar originally quality managed these installations 4-5 years ago.  It is great to see the long term benefits of a quality design, the benefits of ongoing proactive asset management and the importance of safe access to the array.  Our long term involvement also enables us to analyse the improvements to installation quality over recent years, comparing to what was best practice at the time of older installations, and help our engineers design optimum, practical safe designs. 

Do you have solar assets on your building portfolio in need to maintenance and optimisation? Please come along to our free Webinar on 18  November and hear David Kincaids presentation on our solar asset management services, focusing on data based proactive solar monitoring and maintenance to ensure optimum and safe performance of your solar assets.  

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