Tip Top Butchers energy efficiency target achieved, 202kW Solar performs above expectations

19 Jan

Top Top Butchers installed a 202kW solar PV array and 108 Hi Bay LED lights in 2013 with grant funding support from the Clean Technology Innovation Program (CTIP).   Enhar, who provided an energy audit and assisted with the original grant application has now asssessed the first 12 months solar and energy efficiency outcomes.    Top Top hit their target spot on, with the manufacture of their range of meat products now using 31% less energy from the grid per tonne of production.

The Enhar analysis revealed that the solar array produced 5% more energy than expected in its first year of operation. The solar array was installed by Euan Angus Solar using LG Panels and Fronius Inverters.  Clean Technology Partners provided solar engineering services.

LED lighting was also installed for all hi bay lighting in the working areas of the factory.

Tip Top Butchers modern facility in Laverton North is the culmination of 45 years of dedicated family input.  It includes a shop outlet and wholesale service to customers throughout Melbourne and beyond.  The 5,500 sq m facility is carefully temperature controlled via state of the art computer systems and hi tech refrigeration equipment and freezer rooms. The facility was designed by Tip Top’s Kent Goodwin to maximise productivity and optimise energy efficiency. The sophistication of Tip Top’s refrigeration and freezing sytem was acknowledged by the Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Airconditioning and Heating in their July 2012 article.

Already a highly efficient site, the addition of the 202kW solar array and LED lighting retrofit in 2013 has taken Tip Tip’s energy efficiency to a new level. The business is now thought to be one of the lowest carbon meat producers in Australia.

Enhar has assisted Tip Top and many other manufacturing business to get grants for efficiency and solar.  As well as many grants through the Clean Technology Investment Program, Enhar has had succcess with Victoria’s Smarter Resources Smarter Business Program.  Enhar provides Energy Audit services and Solar Services as well as grant application services.

Check Enhar’s grant opportunities page for up to date information on grants as they become available.