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Zero emissions residential development - estimating bill savings for high-performance homes

Zero emissions residential development - estimating bill savings for high-performance homes
  • Project: Estimating bill savings for high-performance homes

Villawood Properties is building industry-leading sustainable residential communities. One of these communities, Aquarevo at Lyndhurst, Victoria, has raised minimum energy performance requirements.


Enhar's Scope:

We were tasked with evaluating the cost saving to households achieved through eliminating gas supply and establishing the home as all-electric.  This fossil-fuel-free approach is crucial to modern sustainable homes and is a key area of Enhar’s technical expertise.

Enhar's analysis helped inform the promotional material prepared to promote the community to retail customers.


Project Details:

The project required the preparation of a custom techno-economic model that corresponds to the scenarios relevent to the client's project.   Key deliverables were summary data in tabular form showing estimated annual energy costs for different scenarios.


Project Challenges:

The project involved merging and adapting spreadsheet models built for other projects, as well as finding sources of other data necessary for the specific scenarios.   The modelling involved the following key elements:
  • Estimation of solar PV yields;
  • Creation of a detailed parametric model of contemporary housing stock, including building envelope, appliances and occupancy;
  • Incorporation of battery performance;
  • Consideration of both gas and electric energy sources;
  • Applying reasonable estimates of energy tariffs.
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