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  • Project: Grant submission for manufacturing client, NSW

Enhar was commissioned by Corex Plastics to author and submit an application for the Clean Technology Grant. The sustainability measures included insulation of pipework, upgrading various electrical pumps at the site, installing variable speed drives and improving compressed air electrical usage, amongst other measures.

The client had previously submitted an application which was rejected due to inadequate detail and minor inconsistencies within the spreadsheet information. Enhar was commissioned to improve, author and re-submit the application.

The application and spreadsheet information was very detailed due to many different sustainability measures being applied for and difficulties in quantifying energy savings and carbon saving intensity of the various measures.

Some of the sustainability measures analysed by Enhar and included in the application were variable speed drive compressors, variable speed drives on various electric motor and funs, chilled water insulation and extruder insulation

The application was successful and Corex are reaping the benefits of reduced significant energy consumption costs.

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