Waverley Council solar PV feasibility studies

Project:Enabling a Sydney local council to plan and implement solar PV rooftop projects
Client Waverley Council solar PV feasibility studies

Waverley Council appointed Enhar to deliver a feasibility report that outlines suitable Council owned rooftops for photovoltaic systems.

Waverley Council wishes to offset the energy consumption of the new public Wi-Fi system to be rolled out called ‘Green Wi-Fi’ and maximise the energy reduction and cost savings across a number of its own buildings and operations through the cost-effective delivery of rooftop photovoltaic systems.

The Enhar report details the technical and financial feasibility of solar PV on seven Council raning from very small amenities to large public buildings.

The report enables Waverley Council to select projects to proceed to deployment, to add to the 153kW of solar PV already on other Council buidlings.

Energy storage combined with solar PV was analysed at 3 of the 7 sites where significant demand occurs outside solar production hours. While paybacks are longer with storage, the inclusion of 'battery ready' inverter requirements in the solar implementation will ensure that when battery prices have reduced, storage can be integrated in the sites.

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