Mornington Peninsula Shire

Project:Measurement of Wind Resources and assessment of viability of small to medium scale wind turbine gene
Client Mornington Peninsula Shire

Enhar was commissioned by Mornington Peninsula Shire to undertake a wind resource investigation in Mornington Peninsula Shire. This project involved installation of three anemometers and wind vanes at four locations around the Peninsula. Enhar provided data collection for six months and a wind data analysis service including correlation to long term data.

Mornington Wind Chart

Data from our wind monitoring stations revealed that a very strong wind resource exists at a local landfill site, and a moderately strong resource at a privately owned site in Fingal. Wind resources at other sites in Hastings, Red Hill and Briars (near Mornington) were on the other hand marginal or low. Investment in any wind turbines at these locations would be motivated more by the educational value rather than economic payback.

The study demonstrated that wind resources at heights applicable to small and medium scale wind turbines are extremely variable site to site. The scale of the resource at the high wind resource site significantly contrasted to the low wind resource sites. These effects are not easily predictable without monitoring the wind.

The value of first monitoring wind speeds before investing in wind turbines was confirmed through this process.

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