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Nillumbik Stadium: 100kW PV, 100kWhr/45kW battery

Nillumbik Stadium:  100kW PV, 100kWhr/45kW battery
  • Project: Nillumbik Community Bank Stadium 100kW rooftop solar, 100kWhr/45kW LiON batteries, islanding functionalilty

Enhar's Scope

  • Scoping, load analysis and concept design;
  • Tender documentation and management on behalf of Nillumbik Council;
  • As-builting of SLDs and Schematics;
  • Site testing including injection testing and power quality logging;
  • Troubleshooting assistance 


Project Details

  • The Stadium is an Emergency Centre for Nullumbik Council in a fire prone region, with previously no back up generators
  • System functionality requires 'peak load lopping' for bill reduction and 'islanding' mode for emergency situations
  • Semi automatic controls to ensure full battery charge pre-empting an emergency situation    
  • 100kW roof top solar utilisiing 12 x 8.2kW single phase inverters.
  • 3 x 15kW Selectronic SP-Pro inverter/chargers.
  • 100kWhr 120V DC Sonnenschein Exide battery bank.
  • Public EV (electric vehicle) charging station

Project Challanges

  • Fronius solar inverters are single phase, therefore a phase imbalance relay was required
  • Battery BMS works independently of the inverter/chargers with no comms link between BMS and inverters/chargers
  • Additional State of Charge (SOC) monitoring added to support battery warranty
  • Client interface display panel including tenant control system and pilot lights.
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