City of Frankston - PV/Hot water

Project:Solar Energy feasibility and tender specification at Multiple Council Facilities
Client City of Frankston - PV/Hot water

Two projects have been completed for the City of Frankston between 2012 and 2014.

The first project was a detailed feasibility assessment and tender documentation for solar PV and solar/efficient hot water systems at over 30 council owned facilities.

The study concluded that rooftop solar PV systems with a total capacity of over 700kW would be economically and technically feasible within the City of Frankston council operated buildings.  The feasibility report output included a separate detailed appendix report for each site, with a developed business case and financial assessment.

The feasibility assessment included a 4 year and 10 year budgeted installation plan, with recommended solar installations in order of preference.  The order of preference was based on the best financial return for the client, which was not necessarily the biggest system or systems on the larger facilities.

Technical documentation of each installation was provided to be included in request for quotations from potential tenderers.  In 2014 the council installed approximately 60kW of solar PV on three facilities and solar hot water on 10 facilities, adopting Enhars design briefs and technical specifications.  In 2015, an additional 5 sites are to be tendered for solar PV installation which is based on the recommended installation plan.


The second project was a similar study conducted in 2014 for council operated buildings which are managed by community groups– the ‘Solar your community facility project’.  The project included detailed assessment, a 100 point site ranking system, recommendations for optimum systems and detailed design briefs for over 20 community buildings including solar PV and efficient hot water. 

As well as information in report format, editable spreadsheets were provided with appropriate details and ranking of all sites, allowing for easy ranking and site selection by council staff.  Also included was recommendations for various financial and metering models, to benefit both Frankston Council and the community user.


We have been delighted with the service provided by Enhar on our Solar Feasibility and Detailed Design Study - great time management, open communication channels and high quality results.„

Prue Robertson - Climate Change Officer Frankston City Council

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