City of Melbourne

Project:City of Melbourne feasility multiple sites, tender documentation, management
Client City of Melbourne

Stage 1: Solar Energy Feasibility Multiple Council Facilities.

Stage 2: Tender specification, tender evaluation and project management of 65kW of solar over 5 facilities.

The project comprised a high level site screening of all council owned buildings, to identify the optimum 15-20 sites for solar PV installation across all council owned buildings.  A 100 point ranking system was formulated which included categories such as roof suitability/orientation, shading, electrical usage, electrical tariff structure, available feed in tariff, vandalism risk, marketability and recommended system size.

The detailed feasibility assessments at the optimum 20 sites included identifying all site constraints such as building roof fabric and framing, roof orientation, shading profiles, electrical/grid infrastructure, potential inverter locations and optimum system layouts.  3-D roof layout images, detailed individual site reports and financial analysis was conducted for all sites.


Also included in the feasibility assessment was investigation into potential alterative metering options, discussions with various electrical retailers, financing models and virtual net metering possibilities.

Enhar is currently managing the installation of 65kw of solar power over 5 sites for the City of Melbourne.  This includes detailed tender documentation including a detailed site brief and indicative scaled solar PV layout drawings identifying distribution boards, shading percentages and roof obstacles.  Enhar will be on the tender evaluation committee and will provide project management services for the solar installations.


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