Phillip Morris International

Project:Solar Energy Feasibility and Design at Multiple Council Facilities
Client Phillip Morris International

Enhar were commissioned by Phillip Morris International (PMI) to conduct a detailed feasibility assessment for solar PV power systems. The manufacturing site consists of a series of large roof spaces with multiple roof orientations and electrical connection points.

The feasibility assessment concluded that a maximum system size of over 1MW of solar PV could be achieved on optimum and moderate roof areas at the site. Many roof areas were not feasible for solar due to significant shading, poor orientation and other site constraints.

With the assistance of Enhar, PMI wish to install over 500kW of solar power on the optimum roof north facing roof spaces at the site, to maximise financial return and reduce installation complexities. Grid connection feasibility was assessed by Enhar in consultation with the electricity distributor.

In addition Enhar has completed:

  • A technical specification documentation including technical parameters, proposed layout drawings and required energy outputs of the proposed PV system.
  • A feasibility assessment investigation the potential for a large solar hot water preheat for the large gas steam production system.

Solar Energy Illustration for Phillip Morris International

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