Wannon Water

Project:Renewable Energy Feasibility Assessment at Multiple Facilities
Client Wannon Water

Enhar were commissioned by Wannon Water to conduct a small renewable energy study for 66 Wannon Water owned and operated sites. The study was restricted to solar PV and small wind turbines under 100kW capacity.

The feasibility assessments included:

  • A brief assessment of energy consumption profiles and electrical tariffs to determine suitable sized renewableenergy systems and initially assess when generated energy will be exported to the grid.
  • Solar resource assessment specific to the region for various orientations of solar PV array.
  • Detailed satellite imagery review to determine site constraints, shading, roof area and orientation, tank sizes and available land area to provide appropriate recommendations for roof mounted, ground mounted and tank mounted solar PV systems. This included maximum system size, optimum system size and preferred solar orientation.
  • Wind resource assessment specific to the region, including annual wind speeds and directions.
  • Detailed satellite imagery review to determine site constraints, access to regional winds, onsite wind shadowing obstacles and planning permit considerations to determine the suitability of each site for a small/medium wind turbine. For the suitable sites an estimated wind speed for the site was provided.
  • For each recommended renewable energy system an annual output, percentage of renewable energy generation/energy consumption and tCO2 was provided.
  • A brief financial assessment was conducted to determine simple payback based on energy tariffs, increases in energy tariffs, FIT tariffs and maintenance costs.

The study concluded that Wannon Water have multiple sites that are both technically and economically suitable for medium scale renewable energy installations. The sites were ranked with preference given to sites with the lowest cost per kWh generated, lowest cost per carbon saved and payback.

Wind Speed Map of Australia

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