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Solar and Wind farm visual impact and photomontage

Visualising Solar Farms For Planning And Engagement

We assist clients to show neighbours, community members and planning authorities what the planned solar farm will look like from key viewpoints. 

3D Modelling Of Solar Farms and Wind Farms

We build your solar farm plan in a 3D virtual environment to enable us to simulate the view of the project from any location. We use advanced CAD and cloud tools to ensure realistic accuracy. We can model single axis tracking arrays and fixed tilt arrays of any size.

Our models incorporate terrain undulation for full accuracy.

Photomontage And Realistic 3D Simulation

We provide simulations :

  • Digital environment rendering
  • Entry level photomontage using Street View which does not require a site visit so can be done quickly
  • Full photomontage using high resolution on-site photography

3D Fly-Throughs 

We provide a copy of the 3D solar farm model you and your stakeholders can use in Google Earth to experience the solar farm, moving around the local area and viewing from different locations.

Project Design

If mitigation of visual impact requires adjustment of project design, we can provide technical guidance around layout modifications and landscape screening. We also provide related services such as detailed layout design, energy yield simulation, technical advice and planning advice for solar farm developments.

Our clients for solar and wind farm visulisation include:



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