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Utility Solar Farms

Solar Farm Services

We are a technical consulting firm whose aim is to help energy professionals build their generation portfolios more rapidly and with improved quality outcomes.

Our team of engineers are highly qualified, experienced and motivated to raise the standard of the industry. 



Solar Farm Development and Design

Solar Farms below 5MW


Solar Farm Engineering

Enhar is highly experienced in assisting Councils, Universities and Water Utilities to develop and own solar farms to offset their own consumption and emissions.

  • Feasibility and Business Case development
  • Strategies on how to become a 'Gensumer'
  • Financial modelling
  • Preliminary grid capacity assessments
  • Independent technical and strategic advice
  • Solar farms on former landfill sites
  • Regional University campus solar farms

Enhar provides integrated solar farm design services to optimise project outcomes for the stakeholders including financial and environmental goals.

  • Concept designs and layouts for planning applications
  • CAD based layouts for project costing
  • Layout design including fixed and tracker arrays
  • Independent technical review of layouts and design
  • Electrical design services
  • Design drawings and technical specifications for tendering

Planning Approval Support


Grid Connection services

The Enhar team have experience in obtaining planning permits for renewable energy installations. We can provide:


Our team of engineers design both low voltage and high voltage project components, and can provide electrical enginering and solar farm network connection negotiation. Click here for our solar farm engineering services.

  • Network opportunity mapping to inform land negotiations 
  • Grid applications and direct negotiations with networks for < 5MW scale projects
  • AEMO compliance, network studies, and technical support through testing and comissioning phases for large solar farms

Site Identification


Australian and International Solar Developers

  • Significant regions of Australia have excellent solar resource, within these regions we identify suitable substation and line capacity locations to build strategic site portfolios.
  • We assist solar farm developers develop sites through grid capacity review and GIS mapping of suitable areas.
  • Land acquisition negotiation services and technical project design and development services.

Our consulting services include:

  • Feasibilty and financial models
  • Land identification and acquisition
  • Concept design for planning
  • Grid connection services

Wind Farm Development and Design

For wind farm projects we provide design and development consultancy including wind resource, feasibility, concept design, visual impact modelling and more.

Wind Feasibilty and Energy Yield


Wind turbine to offset commercial/industrial load

  • Desktop wind resource assessments
  • On-site monitoring using Solar or Lidar
  • Feasibility and Business Cases
  • Feasibility studies
  • Business cases for on-site wind turbine projects for large energy consumers
  • Project speficifications and procurement

Visual simulation for stakeholder engagement 

  • Visual simulation of wind farms in 3D including photomontages and videos
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