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    TREVOR ACKLAND Director & Head of Commercial Solar Services

    Trevor is a professional engineer with extensive experience in the commercial solar PV industry since its inception in Australia.  This includes detailed feasibility and business case development, solar PV optimisation, managing large requests for tender, managing large multisite solar installation projects as superintendent and managing solar assets for University clients.

    Trevor has led and managed several of the largest solar projects delivered by Enhar including turnkey superintendent roles for the University of Melbourne 2MW and La Trobe University 3MW roll outs, ensuring quality solar outcomes across complex sites.  He has lead many commerical solar PV projects for Councils such as Frankston, Moreland, Melbourne, Manningham, Bayside and utilities such as Melbourne Water.   These projects comprise detailed feasibility assessments, tender design, tender management, ‘owners engineer’,. quality management/control, stakeholder engagement and management of the solar asset.  

    Prior to joining Enhar, Trevor volunteered for organisations such as Engineers without Borders and CERES, including a stint in India researching appropriate and sustainable energy, water and sanitation options for a remote rural community, an area he is remains passionate about.

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    DEMIAN NATAKHAN Director & Head of Utility Scale Solar Services

    Demian Natakhan is a Chartered Energy Engineer (UK) and Registered Professional Engineer with Engineers Austraila. He brings 20 years of experience in taking solar, wind and energy efficiency projects through planning to implementation. In the development of renewable generation projects, Demian has managed all aspects of the development process of both utility scale and 'behind the meter' projects, specialising in solar and wind technology.  

    He supports clients to achieve ambitous emissions reductions through providing excellent engineering and project management for renewable energy deployment.

    His expertise spans feasibility and business cases, concept design, permits and approvals through to construction planning and coordination.  

    He leads the utility scale solar services division now providing site identification, design, permitting and grid connection services, specialising in 5MW range projects.

    Demian founded Enhar in 2007 and welcomed Trevor Ackland into businsess partnership in 2011.

    He holds a Masters Degree in Renewable Energy Technology from Loughborough University (UK) and undergraduate in Mechanical and Environmental Engineering.

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  • Roger Mansfield

    Roger Mansfield Technical Director - Principal Solar Engineer

    Roger Mansfield is a Registered Professional Electrical Engineer (Engineers Australia) and CEC accredited Solar Grid Connect PV Designer with battery endorsement with over 22 years’ experience in electrical engineering including project management and design of solar power systems. Roger is widely respected through his work for consultancies and turnkey solar solution providers, delivering over 6MW of commercial behind the meter systems to date.

    Previously a Project Manager/Solar Designer at Solar Systems and a Solar Designer at EnviroGroup, his work covered commercial solar applications. His principal areas of focus are project management, contractor management, grid connect design, project estimating, secondary protection, equipment specification, electrical licensing applications, connection approvals, commissioning, training and operations & maintenance.

    Key Skills:

    • Solar power design, installation and commissioning
    • Solar installation specification
    • Grid connection protection & export control, monitoring 
    • Developing technical specifications, drawings and tender documents
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    IAN FOSTER Commercial Solar Team Leader - Project Management

    Ian is a CEC accredited Solar Grid Connect and Stand-Alone PV Designer with over 17 years' experience in project management, system design, sales and distribution of solar power technologies.  Ian has worked within different levels of the solar industry including turnkey solution providers, product manufacturers and wholesale distributors which has provided him with an in-depth knowledge of the solar PV industry.  He prides himself on effective communication with a wide variety of stakeholders.  This coupled with solid experience and technical knowledge has resulted in a track record of successful projects covering solar, energy storage, electric vehicle infrastructure and energy efficiency.

    Key Achievements

    • Grid connected PV installations with various commercial clients up to 220kW, operation and maintenance experience up to 1MW.
    • Project management, system design, user training of >20 remote area power supplies with diesel backup. Individual system up to $500K capital cost.
    • Established network of wholesale solar sales of up to $5.2M per year.
    • End to end project management of >100 residential PV systems
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  • David Kincaid

    David Kincaid Lead solar inspector and project manager

    David Kincaid is an experienced Operations and Project manager within the Solar industry.  He has built up an extensive network and knowledge base over the past 12 years working in the renewable energy industry.

    David is comprehensively skilled in technical installation, operational and project management, monitoring and grid connection of PV systems. He is a results driven, highly motivated, budget focused professional with a strong client service focus.

    During his career in the renewables energy sector David has seen all sides of the industry. This has allowed him to become a well-rounded Energy professional. In recent years, David has managed and delivered several MW Solar projects across Australia and he has been part of multiple rollouts ranging from residential systems for Councils to multiple MW Rollouts across Australia for some of Australia’s largest companies.

    Key Skills

    • Experienced Commercial Operations and Technical Project Manager specializing in the installation of Renewable energy projects throughout Australia.
    • A certified Project Manager with demonstrated successful delivery of large-scale renewable projects,
    • Highly effective professional communicator with a strong ability to distil key information for an executive audience and to proactively communicate with and influence stakeholders (including joint venture partners, regulators, clients, colleagues and service providers).
    • Proven health and safety leadership with ‘on-the-ground’ WHS assessment and mitigation experience.

    Key Achievements

    • Grid connected PV installations with various commercial clients up to 2MW single site.  Rollouts up to 5MW Australia wide
    • Commercial Operations Manager – Overseen teams of 15 staff with operating budget of $15mil per annum
    • Council rollouts of up to 350 residential households, working through engagement with various stakeholders
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  • Ryan Akers

    Ryan Akers Solar Electrical Consultant And Asset Manager

    Ryan is a CEC accredited grid connected, hybrid and standalone A-grade electrician with over 10 years’ experience in the electrical and renewables industry. Over this time he has been instrumental in the installation and on-site management of solar power systems on a wide ranging scale from 2kW to over 2MW. With a career encompassing both solar installation and engineering and automation, Ryan is skilled in the integration of systems into monitoring systems, building management systems and third-party devices. Ryan’s specialty is in fault-finding and troubleshooting under-performing systems both on grid and stand-alone. 

    Ryan takes great pride in delivering projects that are to the highest possible workmanship standards, exceeding Australian standards wherever possible.

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  • Heath Shakespeare

    Heath Shakespeare Project Manager - Commercial solar PV

    Heath strengthens our commercial solar project management team with an extensive working experience built over the last 10 years within the renewable energy industry. His key areas of expertise are in project management, procurement/contractor negotiation & account management.

    Heath is comprehensively skilled in technical solutions, operational management, wholesale distribution and retail energy. He is results driven, highly motivated, has good time management and organisation skills with a strong client service focus.

    Heath holds a Certificate IV in renewable energy, is a Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited solar designer with a solid understanding of products and has a passion for renewable technologies.

    Key Achievements

    • Grid connected PV installations with various commercial clients up to 170kW
    • System design, project management, commissioning of multiple commercial and residential solar power systems
    • Solar power system procurement, installation & scheduling; $600k - $1.25mil p/m
    • Wholesale solar sales of up to $4M per quarter
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  • Rana Mitra

    Rana Mitra Senior Engineer - Standalone and Hybrid Solar

    Rana is a professional electrical engineer from the University of Technology, Sydney with a CEC Grid connect design accreditation and almost 10 years' experience in all aspects of solar power generation from commercial grid connect to remote area power system design, maintenance and project management.

    Rana has an extensive and in depth engineering understanding of photovoltaic technology and Australian Standards and prides himself on being able to communicate effectively and work with a diverse range of people. His technical understanding and thorough approach has allowed him to successfully manage solar projects as well as lighting projects.

    He completed five years working in Central Australia where he was a maintenance project engineer for Bushlight, a remote organisation in Alice Springs providing technical assistance, design and project management of remote area power systems for Indigenous communities. He then worked as a Technical project officer at MacDonnell Regional Council - a remote local government organisation where he led remote projects, tender and contract management, documentation, procurement and worked extensively with storage in solar and solar/diesel hybrid remote area power systems, through contractors as well as hands-on in the field.

    At Enhar, Rana manages project delivery including multi-site rooftop commercial solar rollouts, solar-storage hybrid design, commercial grid connect design, SLDs & secondary protection, equipment specification, connection approvals and installation/testing. 

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  • Richard Keech

    Richard Keech Principal Consultant - Energy Efficiency and Utility Solar

    Richard has a master’s degree in Engineering (Electronic/Digital) from RMIT. He also has a master’s degree in Environment (Energy Efficiency) from the University of Melbourne.

    He has completed Energy Efficiency Council training to become a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional.

    His work spans technical and strategic work on the cutting edge of net-zero-emissions energy systems for public and private sectors. Richard has extensive practical and strategic experience with building energy efficiency.

    While working for Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE), Richard was part of a team that was commissioned by the ACT Government in 2017 to advise on ACT’s post-2020 climate and energy policy.
    Richard was one of the lead authors of BZE’s Zero Carbon Australia Buildings Plan, completed in 2013. He was commissioned by BZE to write ‘The Energy Freedom Home’, published in 2015 by Scribe.
    Between 2015 and 2018 Richard worked for ecoMaster delivering residential home-efficiency assessments in Victoria.

    Richard has ten years of experience in energy efficiency and renewable energy. Richard has previously worked as a systems engineer assisting in the design, optimisation and certification of solar systems. He has contributed to Beyond Zero Emissions since 2007 in both the Zero Carbon Australian Stationary Energy plan and the Buildings Plan. In addition, he is a regular contributor to ReNew magazine and renew economy.

    He is a lead author of the "Energy Freedom Home" which charts the course he has taken to achieve a 70% reduction in energy usage by 70% in his own home. 

    Richard delivers a range of specialist services at Enhar including energy efficiency assessments and solar farm feasibility studies.

    Key Achievements

    • Lead consultant on the Knox Council 4.9MW solar farm feasibility study
    • Lead consultant on the Bendigo Council Energy Strategy Plan;
    • Lead consultant on the Whittlesea Council Virtual Power Plant Study;
    • Lead consultant for the Bendigo Stadium energy assessment;
    • Assessment of PV opportunities for local government authorities;
    • Energy audits of a large complex facilities (school campus, stadium, church).
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  • Kevin Pabalinas

    Kevin Pabalinas Design Engineer - Solar Farms

    Kevin is an experienced electrical engineer with a track record in solar farm design including medium voltage and high voltage design.

    He has advanced skills in AutoCAD 2D and 3D, Autodesk, Sketchup, and a range of other specialist software.

    His qualifications include Bachelor in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Electrical Engineering.

    Key Skills

    • Electrical design and drafting of solar PV including utility solar farms
    • Advanced CAD skills including 3D
    • Preparing feasibility studies for multi MW solar power plants
    • Preparing electrical design, shop drawings, cost estimates and engineering calculations for renewable power plants including solar and hydro

    Key Achievements

    • Design of 40MW solar farm in Queensland with battery storage integration
    • Desktop site identification for solar farm opportunities using network maps including detailed work with Powercor
    • 3MW solar farm design drafting – North East Water  
    • Layout design schematics for council owned solar farms on former landfills
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  • Yousif Aljabary Engineering Design Manager - Utility scale projects

    A Chartered electrical engineer with 15 years’ experience, Yousif has broad knowledge in power systems, high voltage, power generation, renewable energy and substation design. Yousif acts as independent clients engineer for solar farms under design and construction, providing electrical engineering review and issues identification for project owners. His experience spans full electrical design of solar farms and wind farms.  He is a Chartered Electrical Engineer with Engineers Australia and a Registered Professional Electrical Engineer on the National Engineering Register.

    With both high voltage and low voltage design expertise, Yousif manages the engineering design for large scale solar and wind projects through concept design, grid connection agreements, for-construction drawings and commissioning support.

    Key Skills

    • Extensive project management experience including the development of project scopes, project budgets and execution management.
    • Managed or participated in the delivery of more than 20 successful projects.
    • Knowledge in cost reduction techniques and budget management.
    • Excellent understanding of industry best practices.
    • Skilful in conducting engineering research work and in writing technical reports.
    • Capable of applying intensive and diversified knowledge of principles and practices to a broad range of assignments.

    Key Achievements

    • Clients engineer for a 14MW solar farm under construction, providing electrical engineering review and issues identification for the project investor.
    • Solar farm lead engineer - Uleybury landfill site in South Australia,1.15MW solar integrated with gas generation. Client was Northern Adelaide Waste Management Authority
    • Extensive engineering design of solar PV with landfill gas-fired generators, in the range 1-8 MW
    • Portland Wind farm (57MW) electrical design, approval and engineering site supervision for wind farm substation, distribution system, Underground cables layouts,
    • FAT and SAT tests. Managed Utilities grid connection agreements with Powercor, SAPN, Ausgrid, Essential energy
    • Produced all required engineering studies (fault level, load flow, power quality) to connect the power plant to the grid 
    • Management of contractors, subcontractors and graduate engineers
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