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About Us

About Us

Enhar Energy Solutions

Enhar is a sustainable energy and solar PV consultancy, with service offerings encompassing commercial solar PV feasibility, design and management; as well as utility energy projects; energy efficiency and grant funding approvals.

Established in 2006 and based in Melbourne, Enhar have been a trusted independent consultant to local councils, Universities, government authorities, large energy users, solar PV providers and renewable energy developers.

Our engineering team have a diverse range of skills and experience and consists of CEC accredited solar design engineers and bachelor’s and master's qualified engineers in disciplines including electrical, mechanical, environmental and civil engineering.

Formed at the infancy of the Australian commercial solar industry, Enhar has successfully delivered solar PV consultancy services for various Universities, local councils, government authorities and large energy users over many years. We have provided independent services in feasibility, business case, design, tendering, procurement and technical management of commercial solar PV installations.

Our team has grown in recent years to include a solar PV engineering team delivering quality detailed design, grid connection and post installation services for complex solar PV, battery hybrid and off grid commercial systems.

Renewable Energy

  • We believe that renewable energy solutions can be accessible to all. Our business was formed to support the development of renewable energy projects for commercial or privately-owned sites, no matter what scale.
  • We are motivated to develop efficient, cost effective renewable and sustainable projects in order to reduce negative impacts on nature and the wider environment.
  • Our employees are committed, enthusiastic and driven to work in an industry which is both highly challenging and highly rewarding. We pride ourselves on promoting quality and reliability in our sector and assisting the wider social uptake of sustainable energy.
  • We have long term mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers and partners. We see our customers as long-term partners in a project. In addition to trusting the quality of our service and our desire to see their project succeed, we aim to continue to serve them through the whole project life.
  • Renewable and low carbon energy of all scales has a major part to play in the energy mix of the future. As the industry in Australia and worldwide moves towards more sustainable ways to produce energy, we are at the forefront of finding innovative solutions to improve project efficiency and affordability which will enable the development of clean, renewable energy.