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The latest information on developments in the solar PV and smart energy space from the engineers and consultants at Enhar.


Transition to an EV Fleet


Intelligent Design and Engineering Insights for Australian Solar Farms and BESS Projects

This article shares industry-specific insights into the Key Design and Engineering Optimisations for Efficiency in Utility-Scale Solar and BESS Projects, particularly focusing on Solar farms, and battery storage and concepts to reduce costs and increase profitability.


NSW - A blueprint for the transition to renewables.

New South Wales (NSW) is on a mission to replace its coal fired power stations with battery storage and renewable generation solutions, and may have found a solution to avoid electricity supply gaps while saving taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.


Key things to watch in the Solar, BESS and EV space

As we progress down the road of electrification, things are ever changing. At Enhar, we take stock of where the space currently is and where it's heading to stay ahead of the curve. In this article, we share our outlook and some key tips and trends for the years to come.


Accelerating Development Approvals for BESS and solar

Rapid development approvals for BESS and solar farms - principles and case studies by Enhar, plus a de-risking tool you can download.


When a Solar Engineer Designs their Home's Solar PV System

What happens when a solar engineer gets the chance to put solar panels on their own house? Rana Mitra did just that and shows how he gained an additional 6% from modifying the position of the previously proposed solar array.


EV Webinar Summary

Electric vehicles (EVs) are a hot topic as people consider transitioning away from fossil-fuelled vehicles across all sectors of the economy. Many organisations run fleets of vehicles, and these can range from passenger cars all the way to semi-trailer trucks. In this article, we explore the key learnings from our webinar and Heavy-dury EV report


Common Defects in Commercial Solar Installations: Lessons from the field

Once a solar PV system is installed, it's critically important to conduct a comprehensive workmanship audit prior to practical completion to ensure it complies with standards and product installation guidelines; ensuring the system conforms with warranty installation requirements, reducing safety risks and improving the long term performance and condition of your asset. In this article, Enhar shares 10 of the most common mistakes found while conducting such audits along with the risks and solutions.


Solar panel cleaning: When to clean your panels?

Solar panels are marketed as self-cleaning, but does that mean they never need to be cleaned? The answer is not-so-straightforward. In this post we share how to balance panel efficiency, safety and lifespan with maintenance and cleaning costs.


Bringing Solar Farm and Battery Projects to Life: The impact of 3D Renderings and Aerial Montages

Visualisation of solar farms and battery projects is critical in engaging stakeholders and communities alike. In this article, you'll discover the power of such techniques in your projects and case studies demonstrating how they have led to successful delivery of large-scale projects.


Electric Vehicle Charging in Apartments: Secrets from 30+ assessments.

The EV revolution is well underway and retrofitting EV chargers to apartment buildings is a necessary step to a greener economy. Discover the process used by experts in the field to ensure maximum charging coverage while keep costs low.


ENHAR-ZAPD Merger Powers Up Large-Scale Solar and BESS Technical Consulting Services

Official Statement of Enhar and ZAPD merger to offer comprehensive and effective services to utility scale solar projects.