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About Us

About Us

Our energy efficient office powered by renewable energy

Enhar company operations are extremely energy efficient and are powered by 100% renewable energy.

Our main office is located on the ground floor of the 60L Green Building, a commercial office space which proves that highly sustainable office spaces can be commercially viable.

The following information is based on the ACF 60L information page.

As compared to a conventional Melbourne commercial office building, 60L can claim the following achievements:

  • Only 30% of the typical energy consumption
  • Only 20% of the typical water consumption
  • Significant use of re-used, recycled and recyclable materials in construction

Enhar staff transport

Our office has excellent bike parking facilities and hence many Enhar staff cycle to work on a daily basis.

The office location enables client meetings to be serviced by public transport, and visitors to our office typically use public transport with a tram stop at Victoria market right next to our office.

Where road transport is necessary, staff use hybrid electric vehicles including our own fleet hybrid electric vehicle.

Renewable Energy

Energy for our office is sourced from both:

  • on-site solar photovoltaic arrays and
  • 100% new green power from a retailer owning wind farms and hydro.
  • There is no natural gas supply to the building.
  • Zero Greenhouse Gas emissions have therefore effectively been achieved for operating the building.
  • Greenhouse Offsets of Construction – the carbon footprint of the building’s construction has been offset by timber plantations on farms in the western district of Victoria

Energy Efficiency

Energy consumption in our office has been cut by the use of:

  • the hybrid ventilation system (the combination of passive building design and individually controlled air- conditioners) instead of a central air-conditioning system
  • a design for maximising daylight
  • efficient lighting - T5-type fluorescent lighting (low energy input, high light output)
  • energy efficient office and kitchen appliances
  • minimising use of the lift, with more prominent stairs
  • efficient use of water pumping system

Zero waste office

We target zero waste, with all recyclables sorted, compostibles going to a local organic farm and bare minimum going to landfill.  Reusable coffee cups are used and our printer only uses recyled paper of course .

Renewable Energy at Home

Those staff who own their homes have solar PV installed and enjoy lower electricity bills.

Most staff use 100% greenpower for their home electricity supply.