Climate Strike – this is not business as usual!

Sep 18, 2019
Climate Strike – this is not business as usual!
Progress in decarbonising our energy system is underway and worth celebrating.  But the global atmosphere needs urgent remedial action on a much faster much larger scale to truly step up to the challenge of climate change. Enhar has joined the alliance of companies called "Not Business as Usual" - we are supporting our employees to stand in solidarity with children on Friday 20 September. We will be at the Melbourne event tomorrow, 20th September, 2pm at Treasury Gardens.  Fellow members of the Smart Energy Council and Clean Energy Council will be there in force, as well as many of our clients and their children. To quote the Not Business As usual alliance:

"It’s not business as usual for the world's children to skip school to get adults to pay attention to the climate crisis.

It’s not business as usual for those children to have to ask the adults to skip work.

It’s not business as usual for citizens to strike to get governments to make meaningful commitments to climate action.

So, on Friday 20 September, we’re not doing business as usual."

And on Monday morning Enhar will be back at work supporting our clients to decarbonise and modernise their energy systems by delivering the high quality engineering and project management services which we are known for. Contact us to find out more about Enhar.