Enhar linked to Future Proofing Geelong funding

3 Oct

Enhar is now listed on the ‘Geelong Energy Efficiency Service Providers List’. This is the suppliers list for Level 2 Energy Audits published by Future Proofing Geelong.

This listing builds on our  track record of local work, for example a Level 2 energy audit and wind turbine feasibility study we previously completed for Geelong Galvanising.

This listing means that businesses in the Greater Geelong area can apply for up to 50% funding towards the cost of a Level 2 Energy Audit from Enhar.

Future Proofing Geelong logo

Our audits can also include solar feasibility analysis for businesses who may have suitable roof space for solar photovoltaic panels, or wind turbine feasibility for customers who have a good wind resource.

Schools are eligible for this funding as well as small and large businesses.  Our team are currently meeting Geelong manufacturing businesses and are willing to meet any Geelong business for a no obligation initial discussion.

We invite all Geelong based businesses to challenge us to save you energy!

Contact us to get the ball rolling.