Neighbourhood battery design to unlock solar potential!

Dec 13, 2021
Neighbourhood battery design to unlock solar potential!

Enhar has been engaged by Village Power to provide electrical design work to support their neighbourhood battery project. 

The Village power concept is explained on their website:

"At Village Power we’re creating a new kind of local power plant. At the heart of this virtual power plant is a community battery that allows you to store and trade energy from your solar panels without having to install a battery at your own home. Your panels are connected to the battery through technology that will support energy trading between network members."

The battery location will be inside the Darebin Council area. The council is auspicing the project and secured funding through the Victorian Government's Neighbourhood Battery Initiative.

The battery will be in the 200kVA/500kWh size range.

Enhar's role is to provide site network connection assessments, electrical design for the Jemena grid connection application and prepare battery specifications for tender. Our work takes the project an important step closer to technical reality.

Enhar provides services to assist battery and solar projects through feasibility, design, grid connection and tendering. Contact us to find out how we can assist your battery project.