Our flag with solar at the heart

Jan 25, 2022
Our flag with solar at the heart

Fantastic news today that the aboriginal flag is now in public hands and able to be used freely by all Australians .

This flag has been flying at our office for years.  The sun at the centre of the flag is of course what our business is all about - solar!.

We're not experts on flag politics or copyright but we'd like to acknowledge the words of the artist who created the flag, Harold Thomas:

"In a statement provided by Morrison’s office, Thomas said he hoped the copyright transfer “provides comfort to all Aboriginal people and Australians to use the flag”.
“The Aboriginal flag design is my dreaming, intertwined with my wife’s family and mine, our ancestral belonging. The land, and the landscape, is indelible in my makeup; it courses through my consciousness and subconsciousness,” he said.
“The flag represents the timeless history of our land and our people’s time on it. It is an introspection and appreciation of who we are. It draws from the history of our ancestors, our land, and our identity and will honour these well into the future.”

We hope our work increasing clean green energy contributes to achieving sustainability levels in this country which Australia's First Nations have already mastered for so long.