Solar award for Uni of Melbourne project

28 Nov

One of the most challenging and rewarding Solar projects Enhar has been involved in received recognition by winning the CEC 2017 Solar Design and Installation awards in the 30-250kW at the All Energy conference.

The 167kW ‘University of Melbourne Sports solar project’, provided various installation, technical, stakeholder and management challenges for Enhar, as owners engineers and project superintendents for the multi campus University of Melbourne Solar PV roll out.

Enhar developed detailed concept designs and request for tender documents outlining a complex 160kW system incorporating multiple solar orientations, a vertical solar wall, panel level monitoring, specific install safety requirements, complex safe roof hardware, roof level inverters and the application of reflective roof paint on half the roof areas.  The design allowed for panel level research into performance of solar with and without reflective roof paint and with various orientations on the same roof, as well as providing a highly visible solar showpiece for the University.

The selected installation contractor, Lean Energy, provided additional innovation and research opportunities by proposing 3 difference panel types, a combination of micro inverters and Tigo optimisers, as well as spelling ‘Melbourne’ on the upper roof.  Enhar congratulates Marcus Lim, the Lean energy team for the award.

Enhar also congratulates the University of Melbourne for continually pushing innovation in sustainability and solar PV installations.