Telecoms towers – our designs ensuring your mobile signal is 100% solar

17 Dec

Enhar has been appointed by several clients to design solar power supplies for a major telecommunications infrastructure rollout around Australia. Clients include national engineering firms involved in implementing a new generation of 4.5G and 5G telecoms towers.

Telecom towers require uninterrupted power, and a well designed and installed standalone power system is required where extending national grid lines to the site is uneconomic.

Enhar’s team of CEC accredited engineers are designing, sizing and documenting power system designs to meet rigorous specifications in compliance with Australian Standards and telecommunications requirements.  Our suite of industry leading tools enable us to simulate and optimise system designs for maximum reliability in challenging remote environments.  The hands on experience in our team, our CAD drafting capabilities and electrical design expertise enables us to deliver compliant designs for a wide range of scenarios.

Solar PV powered telecoms tower

Solar PV powered telecoms tower [image source: Enhar]

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