This weeks Solar Hybrid Tenderers Inspection

Nov 13, 2020
This weeks Solar Hybrid Tenderers Inspection

 Another tenderers inspection managed this week by @Ian Foster for some Solar Battery Hybrid projects to be installed at four council owned facilities.

So many complexities to a behind the meter Solar battery hybrid systems.

- Aims of the energy storage system (emergency back-up/arbitrage/increase solar self-consumption/peak lopping/all of the above);

- Battery chemistry and a myriad of new products on the market

- Safe Battery location and protection;

- Phase imbalance and single phase battery inverters

- Electrical alterations for back-up essential loads;

- Complex load and solar/battery modelling;

- Stakeholder engagement and education.…the list goes on.

All solar hybrid battery projects require detailed feasibility, modelling and design prior to tender and close management through implementation, to reduce significant project risks and achieve the aims of the project.

Please come along to our free Webinar on 18 November and @Ian Foster 's presentation on Energy Storage and solar considerations for commercial sites.  Register here