Clayton 1.01MW roof top solar, United Energy

Solar Design and grid approval

Detailed design and grid connection management for 1.01MW solar PV system. 5 LV connection points on a HV supply.

Key Achievements:

  • Complex electrical design with 5 X LV switchboards with a HV supply.
  • Design of HV protection relays and interlocks at each LV connection.
  • Complex rooftop design with a mixture of ballasted and conventional tilt frames, whilst ensuring safe access to the array and other roof plant.
  • Grid applications and approvals.


Technical design file of a solar and smart energy system.

Project Scope

  • Design for tender submission – SLDs, site layouts, panel layout.
  • PVSyst report.
  • Detail design for construction – including framing, inverter and cable tray layouts, stringing diagrams, fault study.
  • Grid application and management – United Energy.
  • Commissioning management, post install auditing and post install testing.

Project Details

  • 5 x LV PV switchboards for 21 inverters, on HV supply.
  • Complex roof areas requiring a mixture of ballasted tilt frames, flush-mount and standard tilt frames.
  • SMA inverter systems.
  • HV protection relays, with interlocks at each LV connection and optic fibre communications.
A man working on electrical schematics at an ergonomic desk
A man working on solar panels on a roof

Project Challenges

  • HV connected site with intertrip to substation required.
  • Optic fibre interlocks between solar contacts and HV protection relays at both points of connection.
  • Difficult, complex roof areas for solar installation.
  • Difficult safe roof access to ensure safe access to the array and other roof plant.
  • Strict timelines for delivery met by the Enhar engineering team.

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