Commercial Power System Design for Jemena Sites

Detailed design 'for construction' and ‘as built’ of solar sites. Grid connection approvals.

Key Achievements:

  • Working with installer companies to optimise and design multiple commercial solar systems for construction.
  • Grid connection applications.
  • Providing advice to installers.


Technical design file of a solar and smart energy system.

Project Scope

  • Drawings for construction including SLD, layout and schematic.
  • Grid Application including discrimination protection study, protection and control report, commissioning plan, generator data, load and generation profile information.

Project Details

  • Solar System >200kVA in the Jemena area.
A man working on electrical schematics at an ergonomic desk
A man working on solar panels on a roof

Project Challenges

  • Obtaining sufficient information to conduct the discrimination protection study.
  • Adapting quickly when project details change, for example panel model numbers and ratings.
  • Level of detail required by Jemena, for example disconnection time of diesel automatic transfer switches.
  • Scheduling commissioning of grid protection relay as soon as it is ready

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