Hepburn Community Energy

Hepburn Energy - visual assessment for hybrid solar and battery planning permit

Visual assessment for planning permit

Community Solar farm required visual assessment to support its planning permit and community engagement.

Key Achievements:

Following the successful establishment of the Hepburn Community Wind Farm in Victoria, Hepburn Energy planned to develop a solar farm to enhance renewable energy generation in the region.

Enhar was engaged to produce photomontages from local viewpoints to demonstrate to the local community and general public what the solar farm would look like. Our team took high resolution photographs, used a 3D terrain model in CAD and rendering in Photoshop to produce high resolution photomontages.

These were incorporated into the planning permit application for the project. The planning permit was successfully awarded in Sept 2022.


  • Satisfied the visual impact issues through prompt turnaround of photomontages, glint and glare assessment and rendering of proposed vegetation screening.
Technical design file of a solar and smart energy system.

Project Scope

  • Photomontages of solar farm from neighbours viewpoints.
  • Glint and glare evaluation.
  • Vegetation screening plan to mitigate views.

Project Details

  • Project Details.
  • Co-locating of new 5MW AC (7.44MW DC) solar farm and 10MWh battery storage facility.
  • Mixture of east-west and north-south PEG solar array design.
A man working on electrical schematics at an ergonomic desk
A man working on solar panels on a roof

Project Challenges

  • Identifying which parts of the property have visibility of the future solar farm using blend of on-site review and computer simulation.
  • Simulation of glint and glare accounting for terrain gradients.
  • Steep terrain to be modelled which limits the view for some residents.

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