Standalone Power System design for Telecom Sites

Solar Hybrid

Site assessment, load modelling and detailed 'for construction' design of solar battery diesel for 50+ telecom sites.

Key Achievements:

  • Working with engineering teams at some major Australian communications service providers to model, optimise and design multiple 48V DC solar diesel hybrid systems for construction at remote sites.  
  • Site inspections were conducted to do Suneye shade assessments that acted as inputs in our PVsyst models.
  • Optimised system sizing and developed detailed for construction drawings.


Technical design file of a solar and smart energy system.

Project Scope

  • Site assessments in remote locations, modelling, detailed design for construction.
  • Shade analysis, system modelling & sizing based on loads supplied.
  • Detailed drawings and for construction documentation.
  • Management of structural design.

Project Details

  • Solar diesel hybrid standalone power system designs for over 50 remote telecom sites around Australia.
  • Battery, Array and system sizing and diesel usage projections.
A man working on electrical schematics at an ergonomic desk
A man working on solar panels on a roof

Project Challenges

  • Difficult access to sites (4WD etc) where site assessments were needed.
  • Ensuring optimal use of allocated land to maximise/optimise generation.
  • Modelling some flow battery based systems in PVsyst projects with complex comms and BMS requirements.
  • Meetings with multiple engineering teams across supplier and client teams to address problems finalise designs.
  • Managing shade impacts of new array on any existing generation as required.

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