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Business case for large battery addition to 40MW solar farm

Business case for large battery addition to 40MW solar farm
  • Project: Modelling financial viability of large scale storage for arbitrage and FCAS

Enhar prepared a feasibility study and financial model for adding a large scale battery to a 40MW solar farm in Victoria. 

Enhar undertook financial modelling of revenue streams including FCAS income for the battery, plus the economics of network charges.   DC-coupled vs AC-coupled scenarios were compared.

The model considered spot price revenue from the solar farm before the addition of a BESS, and the impact on revenues and IRR with a BESS.

Enhars Scope:

  • Financial modelling of battery revenue
  • Solar farm feasibility on landfill 
  • Presentations to the Strategic Leadership Team and Councillors;

Project Details:

  • 40MW solar farm project in VIC under development
  • Interest in the impact on the business case through addition of a battery
  • Bankable anslysis required 

Project Challenges:

  • FCAS forecasting uncertainty  - we used Global Roam data for historic FCAS values, plus AEMO data on FCAS revenues
  • Changing regulations regarding TUOS charges for batteries
  • Complex financial model co-optimising multiple targets
  • Simulation of battery behaviour to optimise revenues 
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