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Solar Farm 3D photomontages and videos

Solar Farm 3D photomontages and videos
  • Project: Accurate visualisation of planned 3MW community solar farm

Hepburn Wind has been investigating the solar resource at the Leonards Hill wind farm site through 2017-2019, discovering favourable conditions for a solar farm. A $0.5M grant was awarded by the State Government to support the solar farm project.

Enhar was engaged by Hepburn Wind to produce 'Photomontages' which realistically render the appearance of their planned community solar farm. This supported community engagement. It showed those curious to know, what they would see when they attend open days.

Enhar built the solar farm plan in a 3D virtual environment to enable us to simulate the view of the project from any location. We use advanced CAD tools to ensure realistic accuracy. The local terrain is significantly undulating around Leonards Hill which meant we needed to incorporate terrain data to simulate the 3D terrain as well as solar farm structures.

Enhars Scope:


  • Photomontages from 8 locations
  • Site visits and photography 
  • 3D modelling in Autocad
  • Terrain undulation within our model
  • Simulation of view from each viewpoint

Project Details:

  •  2-3 MW solar farm project 
  •  Solar farm to be constructed adjacent to existing 4MW community wind farm
  •  Community led development
  •  More project details at

Project Challenges:

  • Terrain undulation around the site was modelled including draping solar farm arrays over undulating terrain
  • Visualisation of distant solar farm from Daylesford which is hard to see with the naked eye
  • Budget constraints for community project 
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