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LHAC: 6 Aboriginal Homeland Communities

LHAC: 6 Aboriginal Homeland Communities
  • Project: Containerised Solar Diesel Hybrid Systems for 6 Aboriginal homeland communities in North East Arnhem Land

Enhar Scope:

  • Electrical load modelling from existing diesel usage data, population patterns and known electrical loads;
  • PVsyst standalone power system modelling & system sizing;
  • Battery performance/ROI analysis;
  • Detailed design and documentation of containerised solar diesel battery hybrid systems;
  • Tender specification, documentation and tender evaluation;
  • Project management

Project Details: 

  • Containerised Solar Diesel Hybrid Systems for 6 Aboriginal homeland communites in North East Arnhem Land
  • The homeland communites are currently supplied solely on diesel generators
  • The project aim is to decrease diesel usage by 95%, and minimise diesel usage between 11pm and 7am to decrease noise levels 
  • Off grid hybrid systems comprise ground mount solar PV arrays between 80kW and 230kW with a total project capacity of 800kW
  • Automonous hybrid control systems, for the batteries, solar arrays and existing diesel gensets    
  • The solar array installation conducted independently by LHAC solar experienced electricians and staff with Enhar providing module, mounting and electrical specifications for these works.
  • Containerised enclosure for batteries, inverters and controls delivered to site. 

Project Challanges

  • Ensuring that the majority of system construction can be completed off site to minimise expensive travel and onsite work
  • Extraordinary numbers of battery chemistries and controls systems, various system suppliers and conflicting information regarding battery performance 
  • Remote area logistics for both installation, ongoing performance and maintenace of the asset
  • Risk/project management requirements and difficulties associated with a remote region of Northern Australia.
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