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Standalone Power System design for Telecom Sites

Standalone Power System design for Telecom Sites
  • Project: Site assessment, load modelling and detailed 'for construction' design of solar battery diesel telecom sites.

Since 2018 Enhar has been increasingly active in the Telecom power system design space, working with engineering teams at some major Australian communications service providers to model, optimise and design multiple 48V DC solar diesel hybrid systems for construction at remote sites.  Site inspections were conducted to do Suneye shade assessments that acted as inputs in our PVsyst models from where we are able to optimise for system sizing and develop detailed for construction drawings.

Enhar's Scope:

  • Site assessments in remote locations, modelling, detailed design for construction
  • Shade analysis, system modelling & sizing based on loads supplied
  • Detailed drawings and for construction documentation
  • Management of structural design

Project Details:

  • Solar diesel hybrid standalone power system designs for over 10 remote telecom sites around Australia
  • Battery, Array and system sizing and diesel usage projections

Project Challenges:

  • Difficult access to sites (4WD etc) where site assessments were needed
  • Ensuring optimal use of allocated land to maximise/optimise generation
  • Modelling some flow battery based systems in PVsyst projects with complex comms and BMS requirements
  • Meetings with multiple engineering teams across supplier and client teams to address problems finalise designs
  • Managing shade impacts of new array on any existing generation as required
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