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City of Darebin 850kW Solar and Energy storage

City of Darebin 850kW Solar and Energy storage
  • Project: Feasibility, Tender design and owners engineer

Enhar's Scope:

  • Scoping, technical feasiblity and financial modelling;
  • Concept design 
  • Management of structural approval,
  • Tender documentation, management and evaluation;
  • Owners engineers role, project management;
  • Post installation auditing and defect mananagement;

Project Details:

  • Around 200kW PV and 110kWh of energy storage was installed to date over multplie sites, with more to follow.
  • Tesla Powerwall 2

Project Challenges:

  • Integration of legacy PV and communications systems 
  • Quality issues with installation and documentation and management of defects
  • Engagement and communication with various stakeholders
  • Heritage buildings
  • Assesment of facade and complex roof installations
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