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University of Melbourne: 2.5MW Solar PV program

University of Melbourne:  2.5MW Solar PV program
  • Project: University of Melbourne

Enhars Scope:

  • Scoping, technical feasiblity and finanical modelling;
  • Concept or detail design and preliminary grid connection application;
  • Management of structural approval, heritage and planning permits;
  • Tender documentation, management and evaluation;
  • Owners engineers, project management and project superintendant;
  • Post installation auditing and defect mananagement;
  • Asset management and monitoring.

Project Details:

  • 180kW CEC award winning solar installation which included a 'solar PV lab' incorperating 10 diferent design combinations with and without reflective roof paint.  Ongoing montitoring is being conducted to assess yield improvements of different design combinations with and without reflective roof paint.. 
  • Multiple sub 100kW solar PV systems at the Parkville Campus, with difficult access/crane lifts, difficult stakeholder managements and noise control, ageing electrical infastructure, complex roof areas and crictical safety issues
  • 600kW at a small inner city campus with multiple AC connection points and complex roof areas.
  • 125kW ground mount syustem at a regiona;l campus  262kW complex roof top system at a regional campus, with mutliple AC connections 
  •  Facade PV including concept design and rendering of 3 facade PV systems on existing north facing facades 

Project Challenges:

  • Stakeholder mangment and engagement ensuring all stakeholders have a clear understanding of project design, safety and installation issues such as noise and student distrubance 
  • Safe roof hardware compliance and ensuring the roof and PV system can be safely accessed following solar installation
  • Complex roof areas, electrical networks and grid protection controls 
  • Management of multiple solar head contractors, with various sub-contractors utilitsed for installation and associated difficulties to ensure safety, quality and communication 
  • Management of scope changes and variation claims from the solar contractor
  • Quality issues with installation and documentation and management of defects
  • Engagement and communication with various University stakeholders
  • Heritage and building permits
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