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Community Bank Stadium Battery Optimisation study

Community Bank Stadium Battery Optimisation study
  • Project: Battery Optimisation FCAS and WDR

Enhar’s Scope:

Since 2019 Nillumbik Shire’s Community Bank Stadium has achieved impressive reduction in grid imports from its solar PV and battery system on council’s path towards zero-emissions energy.

In September 2021 Enhar completed a study looking to optimise the performance of the battery in supporting the grid, particularly with the new wholesale demand response (WDR) framework to commence in October 2021 and also understand opportunities in Fast Frequency Control (FCAS) or any other energy network services which can be provided or energy markets which can be participated in.

A summary of the CBS emergency relief system is here

Project Details:

Enhar investigated potential project partners (retailers and aggregators) and their options available in the retail and demand-response market.  In addition, Enhar also investigated the existing battery system technically to understand any under-utilised functionality, limitations and upgrades required.  Five options were presented ranging from; 

  1. Adjustment to system parameters for improved performance
  2. Direct smart control 
  3. Addition of secondary battery
  4. Simple demand response
  5. Improved blackout protection

Project Challanges

  • Revenue from demand-response market and FCAS at this scale
  • Demand response market is new and still evolving.
  • Working within the constraints of the existing system design and equipment
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