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Raising the standard of the solar industry through excellent engineering

Enhar has strong capability for providing high-quality engineering consultancy services for any renewable generation project as well as supporting project owners and builders in their engineering design, installation and commissioning phases. Our services can start as early as the initial technical meetings and go right through to the final project commissioning sign-off.

Grid connection applications and studies

Tailoring our services to the size and complexity of the project, we are able to undertake applications to the network companies, ensuring design compliance with network requirements. For projects below 5MW we negotiate direct with network service providers on your behalf for any application issues and provide solutions that ease the network connection procedure.

AEMO connection applications requirements, compliance and software Modelling  

Our team provide documentation and technical input to the AEMO connection application that involves software modelling and application forms that complies with NER requirements.

The application procedure  can be lengthy, therefore, our professional team can work effectively to make the applications fast. Also, we conduct all the static and dynamic analysis for the network performance using PSS@E and PSCAD software model which used by AEMO or a compatible software modelling such as Power factory.

Engineering Design including load flow and fault level studies

Our engineering team capability includes providing detailed design services required in conjunction with any grid connection application, and assessment of the project impact on the network. These studies and reports can be summarised as follow:

  • Prepare software modelling, plus liaise with the network service provider for the purpose of gathering all the data which is project related.
  • Prepare system single line diagrams and protection diagram.
  • Load flow and fault level studies.
  • Network compliant engineering report.
  • Provide all the system protection structure and relay settings.

Project commissioning

We review project implementation to verify compliance with the network service provider requirements., our engineering team can provide a complete commissioning details required by NSP for the final grid connection approval which comprises a comprehensive information in the pre-commissioning and final commissioning content.  

Independent third party review and Due Diligence

For project financers, we provide due diligence review of solar farms through design, construction and commissioning stages. Our team is fully qualified to undertake following tasks:

  • Undertake a detailed electrical design review of the Balance of Plant (BoP) design and construction to ensure that it meets all relevant specifications and standards.
  • Provide site assistance during the construction and commissioning phases of the project.
  • Provide technical support and independent advice on electrical engineering issues which may arise during project execution including the connection to the grid network.
  • Provision of office-based engineering support to resolve any encountered construction difficulties, complete any outstanding documents for grid connection.
  • Liaise with relevant Utilities for the site power management.
  • Review of design reports. Review of detailed design drawings and participation in design review meetings.
  • Site Management of Electrical Issues during construction and commissioning

Below 5MW? Fast track package

For any projects below 5MW – hence which do not require AEMO compliance - we provide a rapid turnkey engineering design, grid study, and management of the grid connection process through design, construction and commissioning.    

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