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Utility Scale

Utility Scale

Solar Farm development and design

Solar Farm development and design

Enhar can be your one stop solar farm development consultant in Australia, by providing site identification, land acquisition, design, grid connection approvals, planning permit approval, and project management for utility scale solar developments. 

Site Identification

Significant regions of Australia have excellent solar resource, within these regions we identify suitable substation and line capacity locations to build strategic site porfolios.

We assist solar farm developers develop sites through grid capacity review and GIS mapping of suitable areas. We provide land acquisition negotiation services and provide technical project design and development services.

Technical design and grid approvals

Our team of electrical engineers design both low voltage and high voltage project components, and can provide concept designs for planning permits, plus detailed design for grid applications. Click here for our solar farm grid connection application services.

Planning Approval Support

The Enhar team have experience in obtaining planning permits for renewable energy installations and can provide environmental assessment services for solar farms. We can provide

Owners Engineer

Enhar can provide independent technical advice at each stage of the project development along with technical due diligence on solar farms in Australia.

Landowners seeking solar development

We assist landowners with suitable land for a solar farm by linking you to suitable solar developers. We prepare site prospectuses to assist landowners maximise their opportunity with solar developers. We can offer financial and business modelling for landowners aiming to invest in their own solar farm, along with development services.

Australian and international solar developers

Enhar are actively engaging with landowners and international solar developmers in Australia. We act as development service providers. We work on combined fee models of  share risk by reserving success fees until project milestones are reached. Our consulting services include:

  • Desktop search for suitable sites and grid connection locations
  • Substation capacity assessment and grid connection negotiation
  • Land acquisition
  • Site visits to survey techniical and environmental feasibility
  • Providing Australian financial models 
  • Land lease options and negotiations with land owners
  • Connection inquiries to the network companies 
  • Council engagement and planning approval applications 
  • Community consultation and community engagement
  • PPA negotiations
  • Project management assistance throughout the development process

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