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Utility Scale

Wind Farm advisory

Wind Farm advisory

Wind Energy

Wind Farm Developers

We provide technical and environmental services to confirm site feasibility, wind resource, energy yield and design.  A technical feasibility study may be a good place to start.

In realising your wind farm opportunity, which of the following services would be of most value to you?

Wind Resource Assessment

We can provide desktop wind resource assessments for early stage project reveiw.

A Solar or Lidar system can provide a cost effective fast way to assess the wind at sites before finalising the business case.

Estate Owners and Managers

We have specific services for estate owners and managers. If you are a land owner or estate agent wishing to find the best company to pay rent to you for installing wind turbines on your property, or to understand the viability of your own land for wind farming, this is information you'll need.

Commercial and agricultural sites

If you own or manage an industrial facility, factory or farm and you want to generate your own power, a wind turbine or wind energy system can offset your bill significantly, click on wind turbines for large power users.

Small Scale Wind Power

If you are a technology manufacturer, importer, retailer or installer of 1-10kW wind systems, Enhar can assist with product development, compliance with standards, site selection and feasibility, wind monitoring at client sites, STC earning and consumer advice.

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