Renewable Communities Program grants deadline 1st October

Sep 13, 2018
Renewable Communities Program grants deadline 1st October
The Renewable Communities Program (RCP) is offering a grant round of $1M, application deadline 1st October 2018. Enhar is available to assist our clients in the not-for-profit and co-operative sectors to apply. The scope of the fund is very broad, and individual projects can apply for the full $1M. "Funding will be provided to not-for-profit organisations or established community energy co-operatives, for project(s) that:
  • will increase the uptake of renewable energy generation;
  • consider energy justice and social benefit;
  • promote community participation; and
  • reduce greenhouse emissions."
Matched funding is not required; but applicants must have secured or have a plan to secure a cash contribution towards the project of at least 10%. "The RCP will fund the implementation of new community renewable energy projects that: • delivers the majority of benefits to the participating community; • utilises technology that is commercially-ready renewable energy or new energy generation technology; • is located in Victoria; and • will be completed by December 2020." Contact Enhar if you require assistance developing your application.