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Behind the Meter

Behind the Meter

Behind the meter integrated solutions

We provide integrated consultancy for 'behind the meter' energy solutions.

This typically includes solar PV rooftop systems, sized to suit your load and budget.

Integration of battery storage where economic can also increase the renewable fraction of your site.

Solutions can also include energy efficiency auditing to reduce loads and integration with embedded networks to maximise behind the meter usage of on-site generation. 

The aim of the company is to deliver project management and consulting support to business owners, government bodies, project developers and community stakeholders, to achieve higher renewable generation results.

Through applying principles of environmental sustainability, sound science and engineering as well as profitability, social acceptability and regulatory compliance, Enhar assists clients to bring renewable energy projects from concept to commissioning.

Solar PV Services

We have solar power experts specialising in commercial solar power projects for councils, utilities, large organisations and international solar farm developers.

With experience in all areas of solar PV development, including residential solar PV market; independent commercial solar assessments; design layout drawings, visualisation and tendering documentation. Learn more...

Energy Auditing Services

Our energy efficiency consultants can assist reduce loads through improved usage strategies and upgrading your technology. Learn more...

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