Commercial Solar Assessments

Rooftop Solar Panel Modeling Illustration

Enhar's commercial solar PV feasibility assessments are conducted by our solar PV experts and provide independent advice on the optimum solar PV system capacity commensurate with your site's electricity consumption, roof and electrical constraints.

Solar Resource Assessment

We conduct a detailed solar resource assessment by obtaining solar resource information from multiple solar insolation datasets local to the site under consideration. The solar resource assessment is specific to the roof and/or PV panel orientation proposed.

The solar data produced includes average hourly insolation data and average daily insolation data for each month in the calendar year. Both fixed tilt and tracking solar PV arrays can be accommodated.

Electricity Bill analysis

A review of the most recent 12 months of electricity bills is conducted to assess the site specific peak and off peak tariff structures along with the associated amount and variation of peak and off-peak electrical demand over the year.

If available, smart meter interval data over the course of the most recent 12 months is used to generate average hourly load profiles for a typical weekday, Saturday and Sunday for each month. Alternatively the load profile of the site will be estimated based on discussions with the client and typical times of electrical consumption.

Accurate hourly consumption data is essential to determine the ratio of site-consumed to grid-exported solar electricity. This information forms the basis of a solar installation's financial case.

Solar Roof and structural assessment

Through a site visit and analysis of satellite imagery a detailed assessment of the roof will be conducted to identify obstacles, roof type and orientations. Optimum and appropriate roof areas for the installation of solar PV arrays will be identified and recommended.

Enhar have a relationship with an experienced structural engineer who can conduct a detailed solar PV structural assessment of the roof/building structure to confirm the suitability of the proposed solar installation.

As part of the assessment Enhar will recommend appropriate mounting options (i.e. pitched, flush mounted or tracking arrays) specific to your site and building type based on the general recommendations made by our structural engineer associate.

Solar Shading Analysis

Enhar have extensive experience in solar PV shading analysis on difficult roof spaces. Using a combination of software developed in house and three-dimensional sketching software we produce detailed scaled drawings of hourly shade lengths and paths to assist solar array design and layouts. Identification of shade obstacles can be performed by a desktop study using online satellite imagery or an on-site inspection.

The shading profile between 9am and 3pm at the winter solstice is provided for each obstacle to identify roof areas where solar PV should not be considered. Where shading on the panel array between 9am and 3pm is unavoidable a detailed output loss calculation can be conducted.

Solar PV output calculations

The average hourly and daily solar outputs per month are calculated for a solar PV system using in-house spreadsheet software which can be correlated with PVsyst software. The solar output is based on:

  • The solar resource data specific to the site and proposed PV orientation
  • Technical data from the solar PV panel and inverter specifications
  • Estimated system loses due to panel temperatures over the year based on the power temperature coefficient and NOCT of the panel, local BoM temperature data and roof type
  • Overall system percentage losses such as DC/AC wiring losses and soiling.

Hourly Analysis

Detailed average solar hourly output analysis is conducted for the proposed PV system and overlayed with the average hourly electrical load profile. This allows a detailed calculation of the tariffs that apply during the hours of solar PV generation over the course of an average year.

This analysis allows the generated solar power to be accurately allocated into the amount of peak tariff electricity consumption avoided, off-peak tariff electricity consumption avoided and electricity exported to the grid where solar generated power exceeds demand.

This analysis is critical in conducting an accurate financial assessment of the installation and determining the optimum system size that avoids the export of generated solar electricity to the grid at a feed in tariff rates much lower than the saving made by off-setting retail electricity rates.

Summer Energy Consumption Chart

Optimum solar PV sizing

Detailed modelling is conducted to provide an appropriate and optimum solar PV system size with consideration of:

  • Available roof area, site constrains and local shading lengths/losses
  • Hourly electrical load profile, PV output maximises offset of peak load while minimising export to the grid.
  • Maximising the financial return to the end client
  • Grid connection constraints

Energy Usage/Production Chart

Solar Financial Assessment and modelling

A commercial solar assessment includes a detailed financial assessment and modelling of the costs and revenues of the recommended installation over its projected design life. The analysis includes:

  • Calculated solar PV outputs per year including annual output degradation based on warrantee information
  • Calculated annual savings due to avoided tariffs (peak and off peak) and annual income via the sale of exported electricity at the available feed in tariff rate.
  • Percentage annual increases in electricity prices
  • Annual maintenance costs
  • Tax depreciation benefits and
  • Renewable energy certificate revenue (LGC/STC)

The output of the financial assessment includes:

  • a graphed financial projection of the installation over its 25 year design life
  • simple financial payback
  • Internal rate of return
  • Net present value
  • A detailed financial spreadsheet displaying itemised expenses and incomes over the installation's 25 year design life.


Enhar were engaged to conduct a solar feasibility study at different Council buildings. It was a really positive experience, they were really flexible and easy to work with. The report was delivered on time and it covered all our expectations.

Juan Donis
Warrnambool City Council
July 2018

Easy to work with, knowledgable explained technical concepts in a way that could be easily understood. Delivered high quality reports and technical documentation. The technical guidance provided enabled Council to prioritise and deliver projects w ...more

Leanne Stray
Sustainability Officer, Bayside City Council
Sept 2017

Enhar has provided high-quality services for a behind-the-meter renewable energy feasibility study for a regional water corporation. Enhar delivered their work ahead of schedule, were extremely cost competitive and provided a detailed and thorough ...more

Michael Thomas
Energy officer, Barwon Water
Aug 2017

The technical analysis seemed excellent, objectively advocating issues of importance to the client in a clear comprehensive suite of reports.

Leonie Kelleher - Environment and Planning Law Principal
Kellehers Barristers and Solicitors
Feb 2017

Enhar provided us with a well-written and very valuable report that was concise, clear and has given us the necessary information to make an informed decision in relation to rooftop photovoltaics. Enhar were very receptive to requests and provided ...more

Simon Dormer - Sustainable Design Officer
Hobsons Bay City Council
Sept 2015, Melbourne

Enhar provided good service for us and were always flexible in helping us reach our goals. We would recommend them to anyone looking for assistance.

Jarryd Thraves
Alternative Resources Management Pty Ltd
Sept 2015, Perth, Western Australia

We have been delighted with the service provided by Enhar on our Solar Feasibility and Detailed Design Study - great time management, open communication channels and high quality results.

Prue Robertson - Climate Change Officer
Frankston City Council
Nov 2014

Enhar were a pleasure to work with and provided us a high standard report.

David Bell
Senior Sustainability Planner, Warringah Council
March 2011

We were delighted by Enhar's communication both before and during our project. We were also very impressed by their professional reporting and informed recommendations. They made sure to provide us with what we were after- not just what they w ...more

Stephen Devenish - Environmental Engineer
Manningham City Council
Nov 2014

Enhar successfully delivered a comprehensive micro generation feasibility study for Moreland City Council in 2014. Additionally we asked Enhar to deliver detailed designs for commercial scale PV systems across 11 of Councils high profile buildings ...more

Stuart Nesbitt - Climate Change Technical Officer
Moreland City Council
Sept 2014

We initially engaged Enhar to complete a solar energy audit to better understand how solar energy would benefit the Hospital, and to ensure that our infrastructure was able to handle the installation. 4 days after we engage Enhar a grant became av ...more

Michael Giffard - Project Officer
Nathalia District Hospital
Feb 2014

The assistance Enhar provided for obtaining capital funding under the Victorian State Government's SRSB Energy and Materials Program was very professional and of a high standard. Enhar accepted the challenge to work within a very short time fr ...more

Guenter Fischer - Production Manager
Sun Ace (Australia) Pty. Ltd
January 2014

Enhar provided Canadian Solar with support in an ARENA grant proposal and Market Research regarding Solar PV+Energy Storage Systems (ESS). Canadian Solar (Australia) Pty Ltd is very pleased with Enhar's services and the high-quality results we ...more

Daniel Ruoss - Director of Project Business
Canadian Solar (Australia) Pty Ltd
March 2014

In the current tough manufacturing environment, containing costs is critical and no costs are increasing more rapidly than energy costs. But where do you start? Wood Furniture contacted the team at Enhar to conduct a full energy audit to highlight ...more

Rod Massey - Managing Director
Woods Furniture
May, 2013

Enhar were engaged by Essential Energy to undertake a wind study for a small scale wind turbine. The report was prepared on time with a minimum of fuss. The team were easily contacted and interpreted comments and information supplied accurately wi ...more

Trevor Whitehorse - Group Manager
Intelligent Network Strategy
Essential Energy - January 2013

Enhar have an in-depth grasp of the detailed subtleties of energy assessment. Anyone requiring an understanding of this complicated industry to evaluate needs or offer energy solutions will be well-equipped to make sound decisions or increased cr ...more

Paul Morris
EnergyPak - September 2012

Faced with the time consuming administrative process to complete the Clean Energy Grant, we engaged Enhar to complete our application. Both Chris & the team at Enhar provided an excellent and timely service.

Simon Whiteley
Managing Director and CEO
Corex Plastics

The report was fantastic.  It was just what we were looking for.  It had plenty of detail and was presented in an easy to understand format.

Ryan Walkenhorst
Sustainability & Environment Manager
Melbourne Water Eastern Tertiary Alliance

Mornington Peninsula is very pleased with the services delivered by Enhar in undertaking our recent wind resource monitoring project. Enhar's technical competency, quality control, customer service and clear presentation of the results have g ...more

Jarrod Filosa
Sustainable Energy Officer
Mornington Peninsula Shire

Manningham City Council greatly values Enhar's committment to quality and customer service, and also appreciates Enhar's professional advice in regards to measuring wind resources, and their technical capabilities to deliver complex proje ...more

Tom Duncan
Strategic Sustainability Planner
Manningham City Council. February 2009

Enhar investigated every avenue to ascertain where our power consumption was being used and how to curtail it. Their attention to detail was admirable.

Neville Faulkes, Campus Manager
Girton Grammar School. July 2009

We have been working with the Enhar team since 2008. The Diamond Energy / Enhar working relationship continues to be a collaborative partnership that allows both parties to explore mutually beneficial areas and exchange knowledge.

Mark Bertoncello
Chief Investment Officer
Diamond Energy. July 2010

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