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Behind the Meter

Behind the Meter

Commercial Solar Development

Rooftop Solar Panel Installation

We have experience in providing solar services to councils, utilities, government and large multisite organisations, looking for independent advice on solar PV systems. This includes high level review of multiple sites to determine optimum sites, detailed solar site assessments, tender documentation, scaled design drawings and project management.

Site Identification and evaluation

For multisite organisations such as councils, utilities, government and large commercial enterprises, we determine optimum solar opportunities by providing a site identification and evaluation service. Each site is ranked based on the financial returns achievable, with consideration of site specific consumption profiles, electricity tariffs, available roof space/orientation, shading and grid connection ease.

This service has been very successful in assisting councils, utilities and large multi-site organisations looking to implement a solar rollout at their facilities.

Tendering and documentation

Enhar have experience is providing detailed solar PV tender information for solar PV installations, including local councils. The site specific tender information provides sufficient information to the solar PV tenderer to develop a detailed quotation and potentially remove the need for a site visit.

The information can include detailed scaled drawings of the recommended solar PV system.

Grid Connection approval management

With contacts developed in most distribution networks in Victoria and interstate Enhar are well placed to assist with and manage the solar grid connection approval process.

Solar Project Management

Enhar can project manage your solar PV installation or represent the end client for solar PV providers. This can comprise of:

  • Full project management of the solar PV installation
  • Tender response evaluation
  • Sourcing quotations from recommended solar PV providers and installers
Solar Shading Analysis

Solar Shading analysis

As provided in our commercial solar assessments, our shading analysis expertise can be employed as part of our solar development services to identify and evaluate shading issues across multiple sites. This can be used in the early stages of a multi-site assessment to quickly identify sites with prohibitive shading issues, or to accurately design large solar arrays so that shading does not affect solar system performance and profitability.

Solar Installation Drawing

Scaled detailed drawings

Enhar can construct schematic scaled designs and drawings of the PV systems and rooftop for issue to client and/or potential tenders.

3-D visualisation

A three-dimensional visual representation of the solar system can also be conducted with respect to surrounding buildings and infrastructure.

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