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Behind the Meter

Behind the Meter

Solar Shading Analysis - Commercial and Residential

Enhar has extensive experience in solar PV shading analysis on difficult roof spaces.

Solar shading analysis by Enhar with 3D model and local obstacles

Using state of the art instruments for on site-measurements, and a combination of software developed in house and three-dimensional sketching software we produce detailed scaled drawings of hourly shade lengths and paths to assist solar array design and layouts. Identification of shade obstacles can be performed by a desktop study using online satellite imagery or an on-site inspection using the latest 'Suneye' technology.

Suneye solar panorama showing sun paths at all times of year

The shading profile between 9am and 3pm at the winter solstice is provided for each obstacle to identify roof areas where solar PV should not be considered. Where shading on the panel array between 9am and 3pm is unavoidable a detailed output loss calculation can be conducted.

If neighbouring developments are encroaching onto your solar resource, our assessments provide an independent and accurate evaluation of how much solar yield you will lose when a nearby building is constructed.

Our clients use solar shading assessments to respond to neighbouring development planning applications, with the foresight of how much shading impact a development will have on their energy bill savings and earnings from feed in tariff .

Commercial solar shading analysis

Our solar shading assessment team operates in Melbourne, Victoria and throughout Australia.

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